“Mom,” I shouted as I dashed towards Mother’s chair where she was reading the newspaper. “Look what Mrs. Jones showed me! See!” I shouted, shoving a thin 12-inch “stick” in her face!

“Hey, calm down,” Mom said.

“What is it this time,” Mom said in an aggravated voice. “I am trying to rest.”

“Look! I can crochet! I can crochet!”

“Oh! Let me see!” Mom said. She had always been interested in learning how to crochet, but never knew anyone who could show her. She was just as excited as I was. Then she collected her wits and replied, “Did you do this or did Mrs. Jones?” Mom knew I had a talent to stretch a story!

“Did YOU really do it or did Mrs. Jones do it?”

“No, no, she showed me!”

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“Can you really show me how?”

“YES!” I said.

“Then show me!”

I pulled a few knots and carefully took my hook and showed Mom. She was very excited. I spent the next hour showing Mother the stitches.

“Oh, Donna, do you think that I can really do it?”

I had to go back to Mrs. Jones to tell her how glad Mom was to learn how to crochet.

In the meantime I had noticed that Mr. Jones had removed himself from his comfortable rocking chair. It wasn’t long till he returned and handed me a crochet hook! I was very overwhelmed. I still have that crochet hook after 75 years! And I still have one of Mother’s crocheted rugs!

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