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A register from McNulty’s store.

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A continuation of Time Erased — Horton...

L. B. Duff Meat Market — South Main Street 5-11-1888 (A.D.)

L. L. Merrill — Real Estate — Loan and Insurance Agent — North Main Street — 6-18-1888 (AD)

Landis & Carroll — 12-31-1887 – Landis & Carroll are now running the lunch stand that was formerly owned and operated by George Schniezner, in connection with the Vienna Bakery. 7-6-1888 – The bakery and confectionery stock of Lantis & Carroll is being moved from the building on West Front Street.

Leo Hirsch — Linington Block — Corner High and Front Streets — Comforts, Blankets, Flannels, Suits, Overcoats

Letson & Hardin Real Estate — Corner Main & Delaware St. — Sell Coal — 1-28-1888 Messrs Auerbach & Simmons will start a cigar factory in the Letson & Hardin building on Main Street

Linington Block — 4-13-1888 — J. H. Mitchell of Genesco, Ill., has purchased the east half of the Linington block, corner High and Front Streets for $5,000. Mr. Mitchell will invest extensively in Horton property and expects soon to take up his abode permanently in our midst. Such enterprising men are just what we want in Horton.

Little Byram — B. A. Marshall, Proprietor — South Main Street — Warm Meals Served at All Hours

Little Casino Restaurant & Oyster House — G. E. Robinson, Prop. 1-28-1888 — G. R. Robinson is refitting the room vacated by the Horton Hardware Co. for the “Little Casino” restaurant

Lutt & Co — Store opposite Shannon Bro’s Hardware Store — Wholesale & Retail Flour Store Paper 11-19-1887 C.A. Lutt will soon commence the erection of a business house on their lots on West Front Street, to be used by them in their wholesale and retail flour business. 7-27-1888 — The gentleman owning the flour store occupied by Mr. Lutt, on the opposite corner from Shannon’s store, proposes to move the frame building off and in company with I. N. McClintock, erect a fine brick structure, forty-foot front, two stories high. When these new buildings are completed, and with the Wallace & Donnelly buildings on the other corners, West Front will present a handsome and business-like appearance. 9-21-1888 — Lutt & Co of the West Front street flour and feed store have purchased a hay press. This firm will soon be ready to buy all the hay in Brown County.

M. S. Zortman — 9-9-1888 — Will move his real estate office into the basement of the Bank of Horton.

McClure & Till — 2-3-1888 — who have been conducting a branch of their Pawnee cigar factory at this place, will move their entire plant to Horton shortly. — 5-25-1888 — Monday, the cigar factory of McClue & Till was closed by an attachment served at the instance of St. Joseph and St. Louis’s houses. It appears that their business was unprofitable when they were in Pawnee City, and most of their debts were contracted while there. — 5-25-1888 — We are informed that the cigar factory of McClure & Till will soon be reopened by parties here. 6-9-1888 — The McClure cigar factory was sold to satisfy claims this week.

McDowell House — One — half block North of C.K.& N Depot — Jim McDowell, Proprietor -Transit Trade Solicit — 3-9-1888 — John McDowell has been compelled to take his hotel back after a month’s release and has converted it into a boarding house.

Mahin & Merrill Real Estate firm — Office in Maxwell & Ross old stand

Mann & Casey 8-3-1888 — The famous dry goods firm of Mann & Casey are closing out their dry goods stock and will soon engage exclusively in clothing and gent’s furnishing goods. Holding the honor of being one of the first firms doing business in the city, and by square dealing and low prices have built up an immense trade. Mann & Casey is one of the substantial firms Horton is justly proud of. 8-10-1888 — Mann Bro’s have the purchased the Thos. Hayes grocery stock and are moving it into the storeroom on East Front, formerly occupied by Mann & Casey’s department.

Mann & Shaw Real Estate 1-6-1888 — J. A. Mann, one of our leading real estate men, will erect a new office on Vera Street at once. — 4-13-1888 — J. A. Mann has his new real estate office, corner Main and Vera streets about completed and will move in at once.

Maxwell & Ross — 3-2-1888 — The building formerly occupied by Maxwell & Ross on north Main street has been fitted up for a grocery by Mr. E. Hutchings, from Blue Hill

Merchants & Mechanics Building and Loan Association 2-10-1888 NEW BUILDING ASSOCIATION – The books of the Merchants’ and Mechanics’ Building and Loan Association are now open, and parties are desiring to build homes on easy payments will do well in subscribing to the stock. The shares will be sold at one dollar each and are to be worth two hundred dollars at the winding up on the association, which is estimated to be in about eight years. Every five shares of stock entitle the member to borrow on one thousand dollars, and he has the privilege to borrow on one or five shares at a monthly meeting. The rate of interest placed at six percent of the amount bid, or eight percent of the actual amount drawn, provided the premium bid is twenty-five percent. It would take too much space to enter into details, and anyone desiring to learn more about it and subscribe should call on A. G. Hobbs or H. P. Syfan. There is one other organization of the kind in Horton, and it is not the purpose of this association to run in opposition.

Still, as Horton has numerous vacant lots to be filled with neat homes, there is no doubt enough people to make two prosperous associations. The merchants and mechanics association will run straightforward so that everyone who examines it will see that it is a safe investment. Give in your names for five, ten, or fifteen shares and let the association have enough stock subscribed for by March 1 so there will be money enough to start the spring boom. 2-24-1888 — An article appeared recently regarding the organization of the Merchants’ and Mechanics’ Building and Loan Association in this city. It will be well for those desiring houses to investigate and find out for themselves as to the safety of investing in the association. Any person over 21 years old, either male or female, has the privilege of taking stock and a voice informing the constitution and election of officers. There is now considerable stock subscribed, and as soon as the required number of shares are taken, a meeting called, and the organization is affected. All who desire membership are requested to enter their names on the books for the number of shares wanted. No money is to be paid until the first meeting is called when officers are to be elected and a constitution adopted. Also, the money spent on stock will be sold. Information may be had by calling on A. G. Hobbs, H. P. Syfan, or P. Morgan — 3-16-1888 — A meeting was held, and its final organization effected. The constitution and by-laws were framed and adopted. Now the second building association in the city, both of which will prove very creditable institutions.

Mitchell & Donnelly 5-18-1888 — Have purchased three lots on the southeast corner of Front and Arthur streets and are now excavating for a brick block, 75 feet front by 80 feet deep. There will be four rooms on the ground floor, two of which will be 23 feet wide each and two 14 feet each. There will be a hall in the second story 47X80, which we understand the K. P. lodge has indicated a desire to obtain. This Block will be completed as soon as possible and constructed on the latest improved plan, with the fine plate glass in the entire front. Mr. Donnelly has also purchased the first lot west of the Horton Hardware building and expects to erect a brick building thereon soon. (See Linington Block)

Myers & McClintock Real Estate and Loan firm — 5-17-1888 — Will open in Horton in a few days, composed of men who will be of incalculable value to Horton. The firm will be Myers & McClintock. The former comes from Hutchinson and is already quite well known in Horton, having thousands of dollars invested in real estate here, and is the owner of a vast amount of property all over the state of Kansas. The latter, Mr. McClintock, comes from McPherson, and he also is at the present owner of many business and dwelling lots in the city. This firm will make a specialty of loaning money on town property without limit, and as the writer is personally acquainted with both parties and knows them to be honorable, upright, and thorough businessmen.

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