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Dear Editor:

The Aug. 4 primary election is quickly approaching. First, we want to thank our local election officers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the security and safety of this upcoming election amidst historical circumstances.

Second, we want to remind voters they have multiple options for how to cast their ballot in 2020, including voting in-person on Election Day, advance-in person voting, and advance by mail ballots.

To help ensure the protection of voters and election workers, our office has received and allocated over $4 million in federal funding to assist Kansas with election-related expenditures resulting from COVID-19.

These funds have been used to reimburse counties for unexpected election expenses related to COVID-19 and to secure personal protection equipment kits, plexiglass shields, and disposable stylus pens for all Kansas polling places. Polling location guides have been updated to provide for greater distances between voting booths, allow increased distance between voters and election workers, ensure sanitation of voting equipment and technology after each use, and more.

Please note the 2020 election dates and deadlines:

• July 14: Last day to register to vote for the primary election

• July 15: Advance voting in person and by mail may begin


• Aug. 7: Last day for advance by mail ballots to be received (must be postmarked by August 4)

We strongly encourage all registered voters to exercise their right to vote on, or before, August 4.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Schwab

Kansas Secretary of State

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