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The following was taken from, The Brown County World, Friday, 9 September 1904.

Territorial Settlers Have Fine Meeting.

When Peter Pfeiffer called the meeting of the territorial settlers to order at the Fairgrounds Wednesday afternoon, he was surprised at the number of old settlers who were present. Mr. Pfeiffer’s idea in calling the meeting was to effect an organization of the men and women now living who were in Kansas before it was a state, so that they could come together every year at Fair time and relate experiences, talk over old times, etc. He made the opening speech and Gen. D. W. Wilder, Capt. John Schilling, B. S. Foster, G. Amann, Geo. Seaman, S. Hunter, J. J. Weltmer and several others also spoke. An organization was effected by electing D. W. Wilder president and John Schilling secretary. The next meeting will be held at the Fair of 1905. All the territorial settlers present were furnished with badges, which they will wear during the Fair. Mr. Pfeiffer thinks the territorial settlers should be looked up to by all—they are the ones who came here as young men and women and conquered every difficulty, finally making this great state what it is. Mr. Pfeiffer himself came here as a boy of 18, all the way from Boston. Being under age he could not homestead a claim and as he could talk the English language very imperfectly he had a hard time. He says he is entitled to the credit of nine years in the army and serving in three wars. He was in the border warfare, went with the regular army to Salt Lake in the war against the Mormons and also served in the Civil war. He had his share of trouble and hardship and he says every other territorial settler can tell a similar story. All those who were present at the meeting left their names, the year of their arrival in Kansas and the state they came from. The following is a complete list: Peter Pfeiffer, 1856, Massachusetts; John Schilling, 1857, Michigan; H. W. Hart, born here 1858; Stephen Quaif, 1858, Iowa; David Shelton, 1857, Illinois; Henry Chase, 1855, Iowa; H. T. Gillispie, 1859, Missouri; Geo. H. Stansberry, 1857, Illinois; G. Bay, 1857, Missouri; Jerry Moore, 1856, Missouri; H. W. Honnell, 1856, Ohio; Jacob J. Weltmer, 1855, Pennsylvania; Mrs. J. J. Weltmer, 1856, Missouri; Mrs. Amanda O’Gara, 1856, Illinois; Mrs. Henry Chase, 1858; Mrs. Mary Pfeifer, 1857, Maryland; W. C. Meyer, 1858, Iowa; W. H. Hart, 1858, Missouri; Louis Kesler, 1858, Illinois; Jacob Meisenheimer, 1854, Missouri; I. P. Winslow, 1857, Maine; Wm. M. Gilmore, 1854, Missouri; J. K. Belk, 1855, Missouri; Morris Fraley, 1856, New York; Owen Jones, 1857, Iowa; G. J. Englehardt, 1860, Ohio; Geo. W. Seaman, 1856, Indiana; Stephen Hunter, 1860, Michigan; Mrs. Bedker Ward, 1860, Ohio; Robert Gaston, 1857, Illinois; A. H. Lambert, 1855, Missouri; B. S. Foster, 1856, Oh8io; A. C. Foster, 185, Ohio; G. Amann, 1857, Missouri; A. G. peer 1858, Ohio; Wm. Belk, 1854, Missouri; John Barnum, 1857, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Ellen M. Irvin, 1859, Pennsylvania; Mrs. D. W. Wilder, 1859, Illinois; D. W. Wilder, 1857, Massachusetts; A. Robinson, 1857, Maine; Geo. Schmitt, 1855, Illinois; Fred Schmitt, 1856, Wm. Hauber, 1857, Missouri; Mrs. Hannah S. Winslow, 1857, Maine; A. Leigh, 1855, Missouri; Mrs. W. C. Meyer, 1860, Illinois.

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