By Craig Miller

The Hiawatha High School Concert Band, led by Director Damian Johnson, performed its winter concert on Monday night at the high school auditorium.

When the temperature is hanging steady at 2 degrees, and the wind chill is registering sub zero, it is the perfect time to head indoors and enjoy a holiday concert from the seat of a cozy auditorium.

That was the case on Monday night as Hiawatha High School’s Director of Bands Damian Johnson led the Concert Band effortlessly through four beautiful melodies at the “Happy Holidays” Winter Concert in the high school auditorium. The band performed Four Freedoms March, Sonata Pathetique, Clouds That Sail In Heaven and Winter Holiday.

Johnson took time out midway through the concert to thank the band on the work they put in this year and congratulate those members who were chosen to the Northeast District Honor Band. Those chosen for the Honor Band were Marshall Swearingen, Brennon Barnes, Kyle Tollefson, Molly Kettler and Jada Rosa.

Annie Tollefson also addressed the crowd and introduced the Hiawatha High School Color Guard. Tollefson thanked the girls for giving it their best always and making it such a wonderful year.

“I really enjoyed working with this group and I am sad that our marching season is over,” Tollefson said. “They have all worked very hard this season. It seemed like every practice we had a new routine to learn and deadline to meet, but they never let it bring them down: they just kept their noses to the grindstone.”

Members of the color guard include: Naomi Bicker,Jessica Geiger (voted most improved), Tori Pilcher, Mykah Barnes, Destiny Davis, JoLynn Grant, Ashley Reynolds, Becky Merchant, Alyssa Nigh, Shania Brown, and LaTesa Ruckstuhl and Taylor Williams (voted this year’s MVP) .

As the color guard exited, the band continued with “Clouds That Sail in Heaven” and lastly, set the Christmas mood with a cozy rendition of “Winter Holiday.”

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