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The Board of Education of the Brown County Kansas Special Education Interlocal #615 held its regular December Board of Education meeting at 6 p.m. on December 9, 2020 at the Special Education Annex in Hiawatha.

Jeff Brockhoff called the meeting to order at 6 p.m via Zoom.

Those present via Zoom were: Becky Shamburg, Director; Jeff Brockhoff, USD 415 Board Member; April Keo, USD 430 Board Member; Rex Lockwood, USD 430 Board Member; Tom Simmer, USD 415 Board Member; John Wright, USD 415 Board Member via speakerphone; Amy Larson, Board Clerk. Those absent were: Jamie Bottom, USD 430 Board Member.


Director Shamburg requested an Executive Session To Discuss Employees per Non-Elected Personnel Exemption under KOMA be added to the agenda. Tom Simmer moved to approve the agenda with the revision. April Keo seconded and the motion passed with a vote of five to zero.


Rex Lockwood moved to approve the consent agenda with additional bills. Tom Simmer seconded and the motion passed with a vote of five to zero. Included in the consent agenda were:

Approval of the Minutes of the November 11, 2020 Regular Board Meeting.

Approval of the Bills for the Month of December 2020.

Accept the Treasurer’s Report for the Month of December 2020.

Accept the Resignation(s) of para(s) Sharin Quinlan and Rose Hughes.


Director Shamburg stated that as of Dec. 9, there have been 21 fraudulent unemployment claims filed on behalf of Interlocal employees. Each claim is reported as fraudulent with the Kansas Department of Labor and the Hiawatha Police Department. Both districts are dealing with fraudulent unemployment claims as well. There was discussion that followed.

Shamburg stated that the director’s evaluation is available both in Word format or as a Google form.

Shamburg discussed Interlocal staff COVID numbers affecting both paras and teachers. During remote learning, students are able to come to school in small groups for services that they need.

Shamburg stated there is another continuance of the Medicaid audit as requested by the KDHE. The Interlocal sent more paperwork to the KDHE to review. There is hope for a settlement from the audit that started in March 2019.

Shamburg stated with the paras who are retiring in December, she is looking to hire paras starting in January.


At 6:17 pm, April Keo moved to go into executive session for 5 minutes to discuss employees per non-elected personnel exemption under KOMA and reconvene at 6:22 pm. Tom Simmer seconded and the motion passed with a vote of five to zero. The executive session was necessary to protect the privacy of those individuals discussed. Those present for the executive session were Becky Shamburg, Jeff Brockhoff, April Keo, Rex Lockwood, Tom Simmer and John Wright. At 6:22 pm, the board came out of executive session.

Following Executive Session, John Wright moved to accept the retirement resignation of Terri McNally with regrets. Rex Lockwood seconded and the motion passed with a vote of five to zero.

Tom Simmer moved to waive the retirement letter deadline stated in Article VIII of the Master Agreement and pay Terri McNally the $2,000 retirement bonus. John Wright seconded and the motion passed with a vote of five to zero.

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