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May 5, 2021 Minutes

Jeff Brockhoff called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m. Those present were: Becky Shamburg, Director, Laurence Berger, USD 430 Board Member, Jeff Brockhoff, USD 415 Board Member, Andrea Groth, USD 415 Board Member, April Keo, USD 430 Board Member, Chris Morey, USD 415 Maintenance Supervisor, Amy Larson, Board Clerk

Those absent were:, Rex Lockwood, USD 430 Board Member, John Wright, USD 415 Board Member

  • The board voted to approve the consent agenda, which included the following:

1. Approval of the Minutes of the April 7, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.

2. Approval of the Bills for the Month of May 2021.

3. Accept the Treasurer’s Report for the Month of May 2021.

4. Accept the Resignations of para Gabrielle Frazier.

  • USD 415 Maintenance Supervisor Chris Morey discussed the issues with the boiler. P1 installed the boiler in 2014. Because of the age of the building and pipes, the boiler pump had to be replaced every year. The boiler would not start in 2021 because the control panel had burned out. According to P1 and Hurst, the company that made the boiler, this particular model is now obsolete and cannot be fixed. Mini splits are used to heat and cool the classrooms. The boiler was used to heat and cool the offices,

kitchen, and restrooms. Chris Morey inquired about a cost effective option of PTAC units in the areas where the boiler was used. PTAC units are used in hotel rooms to heat and cool. With feedback from P1, Chris received specifications regarding amount of work needed to install PTAC units in the offices and kitchen as well as heating units in the restrooms. There was much discussion that followed.

The board voted to put out for bid the HVAC system for specific areas of the Annex.

  • Director Shamburg stated that special education ESSER money is coming but she doesn’t know the actual dollar amount or when the money will be available. Special education in Kansas received $8 million in federal ESSER funds this school year. Special education in Kansas is set to receive $12 million in federal ESSER funds in 2021-22 and 2022-23. The money is being spread out over the next two school years to lessen the blow on Maintenance of Effort. ESSER funds can only be used for certain items.
  • Director Shamburg presented the 2021-22 preliminary board meeting schedule, which the board approved.
  • Director Shamburg stated that federal Title VI-B funds increased for 3-21 and decreased slightly for 3-5. Title VI-B funds for 3-21 and 3-5 (ECSE) are used to pay IRC and ECSE salaries. Laurence Berger moved to approve the Title VI-B application. April Keo seconded and the motion passed with a vote of four to zero.
  • Director Shamburg indicated an updated summer school budget was available to the board members. A last minute change in classified staff affected the budget. There will be 24-26 students attending summer school from June 1-30 for four days per week.

Andrea Groth moved to approve the 2021 summer school budget. Laurence Berger seconded and the motion passed with a vote of four to zero.

  • Director Shamburg stated that the final results of the Medicaid audit yielded a far less recoupment than was initially required. However, there is another 45 day continuance to wrap up the never ending Medicaid audit. After doing some research, the audit started with a letter received on March 22, 2019.
  • Director Shamburg stated there was no update on BC/BS rates for 2021-22. Pateese Harden came to the annex the day of the board meeting just to make rounds with her clients. Pateese didn’t have any information to share with BCK-SEI about renewals either.

In 2020-21, because of the huge increase in BC/BS rates due to prescription usage, the attorney group was able to negotiate an 11 month premium year with BC/BS. Brown County Special Education looks to resume to a 12 month premium year in 2021-22.

  • The board went into executive session for 5 minutes for negotiable items allowed for employer-employee negotiations.
  • Following executive session, the board voted to extend contracts to Linda Bodenhausen and STARS for rhe 2021-22 school year.

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