“The ability to do something that frightens one,” is the dictionary definition of courage. Each month, the staff at Hiawatha High School nominates and votes on four students to be named students-of-the-month. February’s characteristic is courage, and the decision this month was a tough one for teachers. Ultimately, however, senior JoLynn Grant, junior Raven Zimmers, sophomore Phillip Folsom, and freshman Alisha Barnhart were named February’s students-of-the-month.

Alisha Barnhart’s definition of courage is, “doing something you do not necessarily want to, but you know that it has to be done.” Courage has played a large role in Barnhart’s life, especially recently. She shared of a time a couple of weeks ago when she had to face her anxiety of coming back to school; when she realized she did it, she surprised herself. Courage is a characteristic she takes pride in.

The freshman’s favorite part about HHS is how everyone comes together at school activities to cheer for a common cause – our Red Hawks – not caring what grade students are in. Barnhart stays involved in pep club and Red Hawk Readers.

Phillip Folsom, sophomore, claims his dream in life is to make his parents proud and become a diesel mechanic. Courage, to Folsom, means being someone who can stand up after being pushed down. One part of his life that the sophomore claims reflects courage is in balancing school life and home life, which has its share of demands.

Folsom could not wait to share with his family the news when he found out he was named sophomore of the month.

Junior Raven Zimmers is active in pep club, art club, KAYs and International club, putting a majority of her focus into her artwork. Zimmers was involved in the bus accident that occurred earlier this year; because of this, she claims that day to be when she was most courageous, as she had to help the younger kids off the bus without making them even more scared.

Her dream job is to be either in investigative law or a flight attendant. Being courageous to her means being able to stand up for what you think is right without question. Zimmers also shared her favorite inspirational quote, “work until your idols become your rivals.”

Finally, senior of the month JoLynn Grant has adopted a new mindset this school year, as she has to be thinking about her future. Grant plans on attending Highland Community College to get her Accounting and Business degree. This school year, Grant has been traveling to Atchison daily to attend VoTech classes and has enjoyed the variance in learning.

“It has been a very good experience, I have learned a lot of different things,” said Grant. The senior is involved in tennis, basketball and softball.

Courage is a main staple for these remarkable students, as they have been called to display courage in their recent lives and answered that call head on.

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