Ted Brown is a new history teacher and football coach at Hiawatha High School.

Theodore Brown, formerly a teacher in Ingalls, Kan., will soon be teaching history and government, as well as coaching football here at HHS beginning next school year. This will be quite the transition for Brown, as Ingalls has a population of about 306 people versus Hiawatha’s more than 3,000.

Brown – a graduate of Kansas State University – has taught for the last six years and coached for the last five. He currently teaches a number of classes, including weights, geography, world history, U.S. history, psychology, physical education and social studies.

“One thing about me is that I see history as a story, something like a movie, and I try to present it as such. I believe that makes it more interesting than a collection of words in a textbook,” said Brown. “I was always intrigued by how many small events had to happen just right in order for major things to happen.”

But becoming a history teacher wasn’t always his plan.

“I chose history because it came the easiest to me of all the subjects. I was not always interested in it. If you would have told me I would be teaching history when I was in school I would have laughed at you,” said Brown.

Brown’s unique approach to teaching history as if it’s a movie and his interest in the subject will make for an entertaining classroom, one that will light up when he’s speaking about Ancient Greece (his favorite unit) or Theodore Roosevelt (his favorite historical figure).

When not teaching or coaching, Brown devotes most of his time to his family — his wife and four-year-old son. The family is looking forward to new adventures to be found in Hiawatha.

“I am really excited about meeting all the new people, the football season, and developing relationships with the people of Hiawatha.”

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