Photo by Annie Weingart

The seminar of Kathy Lindstrom created the nurse can pictured in order to collect Pennies for Patients as sponsored by the Kansas Association for Youth. Although Lindstrom’s seminar did not win the pizza party for collecting the most money, they did win an early release for having the most creative collection container.

The week of April 20-24, the Hiawatha High School Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) club held its annual contest to raise money for Pennies for Patients battling leukemia. This year’s battle was between seminars made up of 10-12 students from various grade levels who meet for the last 40 minutes of school each day.

The week before the contest took place, seminars had the opportunity to decorate their own collection can or box with a medical theme. The winning seminar of Kathy Lindstrom received an early release date to be used at their discretion. Their box was decorated resembling a nurse.

The main part of the contest took place throughout the week; students brought change or dollar bills from home to their seminars to donate to their seminar collection cans.

Juniors Bryn Swearingen and Autumn Esher were the group leaders in charge of the contest.

“It is important to be able to help those families who are suffering from such a horrible thing that leukemia is,” Swearingen said. “I am glad we were able to be a part of something so significant.”

After the money was raised, KAYs sponsor Judy Jackson took all of the change to the Red Hawk Bank to be counted. The grand total brought in was $283.39. The seminar that gained bragging rights as well as a pizza party was that of Dawn Stephens raising $63.46, narrowly defeating the seminar of Jenny Dunn by only 95 cents.

The national organization Pennies for Patients benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society featuring the slogan that everyone who participates is a winner.

“This was a project that everyone could do to help people even if they just gave a simple penny,” Swearingen said.

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