Teachers scoped out the hallways looking for November students of the month who demonstrated the act of thankfulness. For teachers and staff, it was one of the most difficult decisions they have made.

The student selected in the freshman class was Jagert Ernzen. After speaking with Jagert, he believes the best qualities he possesses include having a cheerful attitude and being a friend to everyone around him.

“The things I am most thankful for are my family and my life. Especially, my grandma. She has always been an inspiration to me.”

After high school, Ernzen plans on joining the military for a full time career. While Ernzen is still in high school, he aspires to become physically fit to prepare himself for his post-high school plans.

Sophomore student of the month, Mary Rosá, believes she has the qualities of someone who is very thankful.

“I am thankful for my friends, family and my love to be able to travel, such as Mexico.”

After high school Rosá plans to become a veterinarian.

“ I want to be a vet because I’ve always had pets, and I love animals,” Mary explained.

Cariann Kunkel was elected junior student of the month. Some traits that make Cariann who she is include her caring heart and how she respects the underclassmen.

“I’m very thankful and grateful for my family, friends, teammates and especially my faith. My parents and Joseph are some people who are some of my biggest inspirations in life.”

After high school Cariann plans to attend a four-year college to play basketball.

Last, but not least, Joseph Kunkel was elected senior student of the month. Joseph believes one characteristic that describes him best is how trustworthy he is.

“I’m thankful for my family, how supportive my peers are, and my faith. My mom is my most inspirational person in my life.”

After high school Joseph plans on attending Montana State University to major in chemical engineering.

These four students at HHS show an unbelievable amount of thankfulness that fills our hallways like a big family getting together on Thanksgiving day. When you see Mary, Cariann, Jagert or Joseph in the hall, make sure you give them a high-five!

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