October’s character trait is accountability, defined as a willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Each month one student from each grade, recognized by students and staff as being an exemplary model of the month’s trait, is nominated and voted on by teachers.

Emily Gartner was chosen as October’s senior of the month.

“I think being accountable means that people can count on you to do something, and you never let anyone down,” said Gartner. “People will think that you are trustworthy and they can count on you to do something for them.”

As a member of HHS basketball and track teams, Gartner needs teammates to count on her and trust her routinely. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends and watching “Criminal Minds.”

October’s junior of the month designation was awarded to Leah Babb.

“Being accountable to me means doing what you are told to do, on time, every time,” said Babb. “It is important to be able to be relied on and trusted to do something, so people know you will actually do something instead of just saying you will,” explains Babb.

Babb is a member of astronomy club and the Kansas Association for Youth. In her free time she enjoys drawing, photography, watching movies, listening to music and hanging out with her friends.

Sophomore of the month for October went to Tess Wolney, who is an active FFA member in addition to being involved in band and headliners.

For Wolney, accountability equates with being dependable.

“Being on time and getting my work done right is what being accountable means to me,” said Wolney. “If I say I’ll be there, I’ll be there.”

Outside of school, Wolney takes music lessons, is involved in church activities and is a volunteer at the Humane Society. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar, taking care of her animals and fishing.

Chosen to be October’s freshman of the month for accountability was Elizabeth Kettler.

“I think being accountable is being able to be trusted with an important task,” said Kettler. “This is important so people know they can rely on you.”

Kettler is a member of the HHS biology club, the Kansas Association for Youth, Future Business Leaders of America, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, international club and CCD. In addition, Kettler is involved in cross country, track, basketball and the Amateur Athletic Union track club. When she has free time she enjoys playing sports and spending time with her family.

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