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Highland Community College has announced the President’s and Dean’s lists for its 2020 graduates.

President’s List include students with a 4.0 GPA, and the Dean’s List are students with a 3.5 GPA.

Local students who made the President’s List include:

Atchison: Jerome Bratton, Calev Cummins, Kathryn Galley, Ethan Hale, Harold Jimenezsaavedra, Dillon Korbitz, Agnes Lacey, Lorraine Megenity, Urmi Patel, Kelley Royer, Christopher Stephens, Jaclyn Vehlewald, Jaclyn Vehlewald and Dennis Wolfe.

Axtell: Simon Schmitz and Abbygail Yunghans.

Effingham: Shawn Boos, Philip Boyce, Victoria Caplinger, Daniel Chatman, Lisa Hurst, Cole Montgomery, Graci Postma and Fay Sternsdorff.

Fairview: Cameron Broyles and Cassidy Goering.

Hiawatha: Caleb Pilcher and Kevin Wright.

Highland: Jennifer Edie, Alexis Wilson and Shayna Wilson.

Lancaster: Brock Becker, Sarah immie and Kathy Scott.

Leavenworth: Cole Blanke, Kalen Davidson, Adrian Naranjo, Nathan Wilburn.

Muscotah: Clayton Higley.

Sabetha: Rebecca Craig, Kristen Hartley, Nikole Kuenzi, Marissa Martinez, Olivia Meyer, Michael Nohl, Vivian Straham and Justin Wenger.

Severance: Stetson Diveley and Derek Scheuerman.

Seneca: Nathan Knapp.

Troy: Kassidy Ashworth, Danielle Blanton-Collins, Marcus Martinez, Jacob Mott and Alicia Scholfield.

Wetmore: Alyssa Keehn.

Winchester: Teri Coppinger, Crystal Feldkamp and Audrey Peres.

Local students who made the Dean’s List include:

Atchison: Kristen Barnett, Michael Deware, Henry Fulk, Slater Kau, Manmoin Eulalie Kouadio, Molly Porter, George Thompson, James White and Conner Wilson.

Axtell: Richard Meccico.

Effingham: Makaea Forbes and Hayden George.

Falls City: Randee Tisdel.

Hiawatha: Emme Leupold and Doris Shopteese.

Highland: Lacey Banks, Justin Clark, Samuel Midgete and Kinlee Whetstine.

Lancaster: Amber Knudson, Kari Scholz and John Shufflebarger.

Leavenwroth: John Beasley, Timmithy Cunningham, Johnathan Sanderson and Jessica Schmalstieg.

Morrill: Jessica Perry.

Muscotah: Hailee Miller.

Sabetha: Logan Metzger and Taylor Talley.

Seneca: Kylie Anderson, Stephanie Graf, Diane Kuhlman and Elizabeth Streit.

Troy: Reid Jasper, John Jeschke and Dana Windmeyer.

Valley Falls: Taylor Black.

Wetmore: Patrick Brown.

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