HHS Kays


Hiawatha Kays attended the 2019 Regional Conference (l-r): Brenna Diller, Ashlynn Henry, Ava Zimmers, Makayla Pilcher, Emma Boswell, Graycen Ferris and Sydney Smith.

Seven members of the Hiawatha KAYS Club attended the area Kay Regional Conference on Nov. 8 at Wamego High School.

The club received the Red Award, recognizing their student leadership and service to their school, community, nation and world for the 2018-2019 year. Attending from Hiawatha were Ava Zimmers, Brenna Diller, Makayla Pilcher, Emma Boswell, Graycen Ferris, Sydney Smith and Ashlynn Henry. They were accompanied by club sponsor Vickie Schuetz.

The Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) is a character-building, leadership training program directed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. This nationally Acclaimed organization provides students an opportunity to learn to assume their citizenship responsibilities and to enrich their personalities through well organized programs. These programs emphasize four areas of service: school, community, nation and world.

The theme for the 2019 Regional Conference was “Superfantastic Heroes!” This conference affords opportunities for student leaders and sponsors from neighboring clubs to share successes and challenges, as well as exchange ideas. Sessions in leadership training and organizational skills are also offered. These conferences inspire delegates to return to their clubs to challenge their local members.

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