Apply Kansas

Hiawatha seniors Sarah White, Chloe Thomas, Mackenzie Gormley, Bailey Pierce, Kiara Stone, Emma Bigham, Cassidy Gantt, Allison Arment, Sidney Johansen, Kyndra Lay, Paige Stover, Isabel Salcedo, Thomas Roberds, Miclan Entrikin, Carli Mueller, Ellie Hinton, Sarah Madsen, Max Hawks, Carter Heiman, Joel Bryan, Dalton Simmer, Sydney Smith, Carson Gilbert, Lakyn Leupold.

The month of October in Kansas is designated as College Application month. This month, all high school seniors are encouraged to apply to at least one college, university, or trade school.

The purpose of Apply Kansas month is to make sure all students understand how important education after high school is, as well as the importance of planning for the future. Students are also provided information on how to fund their education through scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

This event is a great way to help students who don’t have a solid plan after high school to get a better grasp on what they want to do as their career. Apply Kansas month couldn’t be put on at Hiawatha Schools without the hard work of the administration, counselor, faculty, staff and of course the hard work of this year’s graduating class!

I personally have had a great time watching my senior friends choose where they want to go, and watch them get excited about the next chapter of their lives. While I’m a little sad my friends are splitting up and spreading out to their respective schools, I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with each and every one of them. I’m even more excited to start planning my life after high school and participating in next year’s Apply Kansas month.

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