Hiawatha High School’s fall production “The Addams Family” will be hitting the stage next weekend with shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Show times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday with a 2 p.m. matinee on the 11th.

I’ve taken to the halls of Hiawatha High School to find out more about the cast of this musical. First up was senior Jasmine Morey, stage manager. This will be Morey’s first and final musical with Hiawatha High School and she’s really excited to see it all come together.

Morey wanted to be in the play because she wanted to be more involved this year than she has been in past years. She thinks that doing a musical instead of a play might be even more fun.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love plays, but adding that musical aspect is just a way to make things pop,” she said.

If Jasmine were an Addams, she decided she would be Morticia Addams because, in Jasmine’s eyes, she’s the coolest Addams and, even though Gomez is in charge, Morticia is in charge of Gomez. Jasmine also shared that in the play the characters with the coolest costumes are the ancestors since they get to dress up as anything from any time period.

Next up was another senior, Liam Jones who plays Mal Bienecke in the production. This is also his first and last musical at HHS and he’s slightly disappointed that he didn’t participate before — he only decided because as a senior he hadn’t ever done anything like it before.

Liam was glad to do “The Addams Family” as his last musical because he thinks that it’s pretty funny and that the audience might really enjoy it. When asked what character Liam thought he might be, he said Gomez because it’s an amusing role that he thought might be pretty enjoyable to do.

Even though he would like to be Gomez, Liam is actually pretty excited about the role he was given.

“I don’t have to speak in an accent, really, since I’m a businessman I get to speak normally,” he said.

Liam says that the most challenging thing about bringing the script to life is memorizing all of the lines and the least challenging thing is remembering where your supposed to be on the stage.

Freshman Kiara Stone who is eager about the musical for the most part, although she has mixed emotions about it. Kiara thinks that “The Addams Family” is still going to be cool, although she would have preferred something like a Disney musical. Her favorite musical, hands down, would have to be “Hamilton.” Kiara is “so happy” about her role as one of the ancestors, the Flapper.

Last but not least was sophomore, Kate Madsen, who is also an ancestor. Her favorite thing about this character is that she doesn’t have to sing, she just dances.

Kate Madsen would recommend any type of person for this play, saying that the musical is really fun and anybody would have a good time. When asked to call someone out that needs to come see this musical, Kate called out Mr. Farnen, a teacher at Hiawatha High School.

The person with the best costume, according to Kate, is Laila Jones who plays Morticia Addams. If she could change one thing about the musical, Kate would take out the singing aspect of the play. Kate was very enthusiastic about the cast, saying that they have “fun times.”

If Kate could choose any character that she would be, she would be Lurch because “I would just grunt all the time.”

Kate’s favorite musical would also have to be “Hamilton” and, according to Kate, the cast member that is really going to wow the crowd is Laila Jones. Lastly, the thing that makes a good scene partner to Kate is someone who you can tell is really having fun.

The show, “The Addams Family” is definitely one that reflects it’s cast, being quirky and weird but in an enjoyable and exciting way. So mark your calendars for Nov. 9-10-11 at Hiawatha High School.

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