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Hiawatha students were honored with academic recognition at Sunday’s commencement services and Hiawatha High School announced numerous graduates were the recipients of approximately $137,000 in local scholarships.

Earning the white cord of Cum Laude with a GPA between 3.65 and 3.79 are Emily Meisenheimer, Laurel Madere, Abigail Lowe, Caitlyn Monhollon.

Earning the blue cord of Magna Cum Laude with a GPA between 3.8 and 3.94 are Estrella Kellems, Morgan Hurn, Jack Rosa, Makayla Pilcher.

Earning the red cord of Summa Cum Laude with a GPA above 3.95 are Mitchell Bryan, Brenna Diller, Jocelyn Dvorak, Claire Geiger, Ashlynn Henry, Katherine Madsen, Ethan Pruitt, Alex Rockey, Nathan Wright, Nicole Stueve.

In addition, several students were recognized with awards at the end-of-year recognition night. Senior Athletes of the Year were Katherine Madsen and Alex Rockey, Artists of the Year were Athena Garza and Raven Stroud, Vocalist Award Brenna Diller and Dylan Sample and Senior Musician of the Year Award Raven Stroud and Jack Rosa.

Local Scholarships:

A.B. Dana & Foster Keith: Emily Meisenheimer

Agriculture Future of America: Jocelyn Dvorak

Allen & Mary Meyer Memorial: Nathan Wright

Booster Club: Ashlynn Henry, Brenna Diller, Justin Hodge, Kate Madsen, Makayla Pilcher

Brown County Farm Bureau: Jocelyn Dvorak, Carol Nigus, Cynthia Law

Chapter HU P.E.O.: Ashlynn Henry, Makayla Pilcher, Nicole Stueve

Citizens State Bank: Athena Garza

Class of 1984 — 2 year: Raven Stroud, Claire Geiger, Trinidee Gifford

Class of 1984 — 4 year: Brenna Diller, Katherine Madsen, Jack Rosa, Mitchell Bryan, Makayla Pilcher, Alex Rockey

Dale Strahan: Mitchell Bryan

Darlene Schilling: Cynthia Law, Mitchell Bryan, Austin Coffelt, Brenna Diller, Athena Garza, Justin Hodge, Mia Hull, Abigail Lowe, Laurel Madere

Delbert Larson Memorial: Kate Madsen

Deputy Todd Widman: Austin Coffelt, Abigail Lowe, Cynthia Law, Makayla Pilcher

Edna Mae Schmitt Scholarship: Zoe Fix, Ethan Pruitt

Eugene & Virginia Ruth: Kyli Feldkamp, Cynthia Law, Abigail Lowe, Emily Meisenheimer, Caitlyn Monhollon, Makayla Pilcher, Mitchell Bryan, Brenna Diller, Jocelyn Dvorak, Claire Geiger, Ashlynn Henry, Morgan Hurn, Katherine Madsen, Ethan Pruitt, Alex Rockey, Jack Rosa, Nicole Stueve, Nathan Wright, Brenna Diller

FBLA: Nicole Stueve, Brenna Diller

Gallon Grads — CBC Blood Center: Raven Stroud, Ethan Pruitt

Genevieve Strahan Scholarship: Ethan Pruitt

Gifford: Zoe Fix, Emily Meisenheimer

Hiawatha ACES Arts & Theatre: Ethan Pruitt, Nicole Stueve, Morgan Hurn

Hiawatha Alumni: Katherine Madsen, Nicole Stueve, Ashlynn Henry, Brenna Diller, Alex Rockey, Mitchell Bryan

Hiawatha District Education Association Scholarship: Ethan Pruitt

Hiawatha Kiwanis: Mitchell Bryan, Ethan Pruitt, Katherine Madsen, Ashlynn Henry

Jade Millwrights: Nathan Wright, Mitchell Bryan, Alex Moreno, Caitlyn Monhollon

Kay Hilton: Caitlyn Monhollon

Kiley Ramey: Raven Stroud

Marcena H. Onstott: Abigail Lowe, Cynthia Law

Melissa “Missy” Dawn Rieger Memorial Scholarship: Mitchell Bryan

Middlebrook Scholarship: Austin Coffelt, Abigail Lowe, Athena Garza, Laurel Madere,Kyli Feldkamp,

Moore Scholarship: Zoe Fix, Athena Garza, Claire Geiger, Trinidee Gifford, Ashlynn Henry, Justin Hodge, Donny Howard, Mia Hull, Morgan Hurn, Estrella Kellems, Trent Kolb, Abigail Lowe, Laurel Madere, Katherin Madsen, Emily Meisenheimer, Caitlyn Monhollon, Alexander Moreno, Emmaly Murphy, Callyn Pavlish, Makayla Pilcher, Ethan Pruitt, Alex Rockey, Jack Rosa, Christian Shaffer, Gunner Smith, Ravel Stroud, Nicole Stueve, Nathan Wright, Cynthia Law, Raven Stroud, Nathan Wright, Cynthia Law.

Morrill & Janes: Athena Garza

Nathan Paul Wright: Mitchell Bryan

NEK Pro Life: Nicole Stueve, Ethan Pruitt

P.E.O. STAR: Brenna Diller

Paul E. Rockey: Gunner Smith, Callyn Pavlish, Phyllis Jeanne, Byer Kidwell, Raven Stroud

Powhattan American Legion: Emily Meisenheimer, Abigail Lowe

Roberta C. Burgert: Nicole Stueve, Austin Coffelt

Ruth Cox: Athena Garza

Ruth Dannenberg: Mitchell Bryan

Sarah Crow: Makayla Pilcher

Schuneman Scholarship: Cynthia Law, Ashlynn Henry, Brenna Diller, Alex Rockey, Morgan Hurn, Jasmine Morey, Katherine Madsen, Jack Rosa, Raven Stroud, Trinidee Gifford, Jocelyn Dvorak, Alan Simpson, Ethan Pruitt, Abigail Lowe, Claire Geiger, Mitchell Bryan,

State Farm: Brenna Diller, Trent Kolb, Alex Rockey, Makayla Pilcher

Stuco: Ashlynn Henry

Susan McElroy: Ashlynn Henry, Abigail Lowe

Veteran’s Honor Guard Scholarship: Cynthia Law, Mitch Bryan, Morgan Howard, Emmaly Murphy, Makayla Pilcher, Alex Rockey, Nicole Stueve

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