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As summer comes to an end, many students and teachers at USD 415 are adjusting to new routines.

Most students feel better than ever to be able to start off their school year with no masks, as well as other adjustments. The staff faculty of USD 415 have been working together to make students and parents feel as safe as possible. The year before, students were required to wear masks, were unable to go to dances, and had limited seating for a few after school activities. The high school even tried having little to no assemblies to avoid the spread of germs and contact among students.

Kicking off the new school year, things are already looking different as seniors started off their school year with a senior sunrise. A senior sunrise is where they join together to watch the sun rise on a new and final school year. Hiawatha High School Stuco planned a dance — called the mixer — on the first Friday, where all students were invited to attend and get to know one another as they share their hallways with new faces.

Another big change that was made at the high school was the teachers. A couple teachers of the 2020-2021 school year ended up leaving the school district. A few students in the district feel as though this new change is a threat to the stability of Hiawatha High School, as well as the relationships between the students and teachers.

Parts of this school year that did remain the same is the return of fall sports. An upcoming sporting event is the annual Gatorade scrimmage, which is held at the Hiawatha High School on Friday. GNBank is hosting a free will donation meal, where all proceeds go straight to the HHS cross country program. Anyone in the community is welcome to come since there is no longer limited seating for school events.

As you attend these events, please make sure to thank the Hiawatha USD-415 staff, as they work together rigorously to keep the schools as clean and safe as possible to ensure that these events can continue happening.

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