The Hiawatha Middle School Scholar’s Bowl teams finished their season with many successes.

Coach Andy Runer of the seventh grade team said he was very proud of both grades.

“They were dedicated to practicing and learning new content throughout the season,” he said. “They came prepared with their own individual skill sets and then we formed the teams that would allow us to perform at our greatest potential.”

Runer said they went to league with their top five performers — Gus Smith, team captain, Alex Madsen, Eli Geisendorf, Jeffrey Umland and Parker Hoffman. He said other notable 7th grade scholar’s were: Victoria Jelks, Jacob Gallagher, Kamryn Carver, Brylie Williams, and Kylie Garcia.

“I was honored to be their coach this year and look forward to what they can do in the future, he said.

Seventh grade meet results:

Holton meet: 7th grade scored 1st and 2nd

Riverside meet: 7th grade scored 5th and 6th

Hiawatha meet: 7th grade scored 3rd and 4th

Perry meet: 7th grade scored 3rd and 7th

League Championship 7th grade scored 3rd

The eighth grade team was coached by Nolan Sump.

“Overall, I am very pleased with the performance by the eighth grade this year,” Sump said. “Having worked with them in the previous season, I have seen some improvements in several areas. Relatively speaking, we had a balanced team in our students’ skill set this year.”

Sump said that while the league placing looked low, the team was very close in each round, which could have made a difference to our advantage.

The top five students who went to league were Gabe Joslin, Remington Killman, Gavin Noll, Shelby Senn, and Tori Wist. Other team members were Bella Hedrick, Dana Howard and Lexys Ruch.

“It has been a rewarding experience to work with this talented group of students, and I look forward to working with them on the high school team,” he said.

Eighth grade meet results:

Holton Meet: 8th grade 2nd and 4th

Riverside: 8th grade 5th and 6th

Hiawatha: 8th grade 2nd and 4th

Perry Meet: 8th grade 5th and 4th

League Championship: 8th grade 6th place

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