With life returning to “normal” after a year lacking the typical Hiawatha High School events, HHS students prepare for a hopeful year of activities, beginning with Fall Homecoming. The school did not hold a Homecoming dance last year, and the student body is excited to get back into tradition, kicking it off by voting on Homecoming Court.

The Queen candidates — Lakyn Leupold, Clara Lindstrom, and Bailey Pierce --have high expectations to meet with some of their family members winning past crowns. Each girl would like to win; however, they know only one candidate will get the title, and they’re cheering each other on.

With siblings and a mom claiming the role of Homecoming Queen in previous years, Pierce is ready to win. She describes her feelings on potentially losing.

“I wouldn’t view it as not living up. I am grateful that I get to experience this opportunity with two other amazing girls,” Pierce said. “If I were to win that would be the icing on the cake for this whole week, but I think it will be really close for all of us.”

Potential Kings Joel Bryan and Tyler Davis are a different story, thinking they don’t stand a chance against the last candidate, Carson Gilbert.

“I’m just excited for the experience,” Bryan said. “I’m going to go into it not expecting to win and just to enjoy the week.”

The King and Queen will be crowned at 6:30 pm before the game on Friday, and Bryan and Davis will find out if the student body agrees with them on “King Carson Gilbert.”

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