By Karin Moorhous | Hawkeye staff

Twenty-three new members were inducted to National Honor Society for the current academic year. Front row: Sidney Johansen, Mackenzie Gormley, Abigail Lowe, Morgan Hurn, Athalia Hoschouer, Kiara Stone; Middle Row: Sydney Smith, Carli Mueller, Mikayla Simmons, Bailey Pierce, Paige Stover, Emma Bigham, Clara Lindstrom, Dylan Sample; Top Row: Tyler Davis, Grady Bacon, Dalton Simmer, Sarah Madsen, Allison Arment, Joel Bryan, Lakyn Leupold, Maximus Hawks. Not pictured: Kylie Nelson.

The purpose of National Honor Society (NHS) is to elevate students, school academics, leadership, and community engagement. Members of National Honor Society are encouraged to exemplify characteristics such as character, service, and leadership.

Both the students in NHS and those in their community experience benefits from this organization, such as connecting with other community and local business leaders. In addition, students are able to build a portfolio of life achievements that can be featured on applications for college and careers, as well as cover letters and resumes.

“Being selected for the NHS is a great opportunity that opens more doors for my future,” said Ati Hoschouer, a junior inductee. “Not only does it encourage me to be a better leader and give back to my community, but when I start applying for colleges it will look good on my applications and help me receive scholarships.”

Twenty-three students were inducted into the NHS this year, juniors and seniors alike. These newly inducted members include Allison Arment, Grady Bacon, Emma Bigham, Joel Bryan, Tyler Davis, Mackenzie Gormley, Maximus Hawks, Athalia Hoschouer, Morgan Hurn, Sidney Johansen, Lakyn Leupold, Clara Lindstrom, Abigail Lowe, Sarah Madsen, Carli Mueller, Kylie Nelson, Bailey Pierce, Dylan Sample, Dalton Simmer, Mikayla Simmons, Sydney Smith, Kiara Stone, and Paige Stover.

On Oct. 20, 2020, juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher were given an application to join NHS. This application included community service, leadership roles, and obtaining three referrals. For those who wished to do so, there was an optional essay further explaining characteristics of the applicant overlooked on an application.

Due to COVID-19, the existing members of NHS had to brainstorm new ways to have an induction ceremony. Kate Madsen, senior, suggested pre-recording the ceremony. Taking initiative, Madsen edited the ceremony and sent out the link to parents, teachers, and the community.

“Trying to come together is tough right now so we had to adapt,” explained senior Alex Rockey. “The video we created for the induction of the new members was fantastic. Everything that would have been said at a normal ceremony was said in the video. We were even able to get the inductees into the video, which was very neat. We really made the best out of the situation we were faced with.”

With COVID-19 taking a huge toll on the start of the NHS, some annual traditions have been delayed. One such tradition being the success stations located in the school restrooms. A success station consists of personal hygiene products such as body and face soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dental hygiene products, and feminine products. The idea is to provide students with products that they may not have at home. Every week, an NHS member is delegated the responsibility of restocking these stations.

“A founding belief of the NHS is to serve and that is what we are doing here. Ensuring that the needs of Hiawatha High School students are being met,” declares Ethan Pruitt, senior.

This year, the National Honor Society has faced the challenge of collecting donations for the success stations. A common asked question is: “What can the community do to help our local clubs?”

In answer to this question, the National Honor Society is asking for donations of anything that they can put toward the success stations. For further questions regarding the NHS, please contact Kylee Reschke at the high school.

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