By Marla Taylor

Cast and Crew: Front, from left, Cooper Eberly, Kolter Peterson, Katie Johnson, Annaka Haynes, Sydney Smith, Kyra Johnson, Jaiden Taylor. Middle: Brooklyn Rawles, Jacob Blanton, Faith Collins, Ava Gladhart, Belle Smith, Reece Florence. Back: director Curtis Stroud, Jaelyn Clary, Kya Keller, Delainee Waggoner, Ella Haynes, Aly Gobin, Kole Franken, Kinlee Whetstine, Lilly Clark, accompanist Heidi Blair, Hailey Tracy, Michael Lackey, Kaylynn Miner, Avery Weathersbee, director Amy Lackey.

D-West freshman

“Practically Perfect” couldn’t describe putting together the spring musical “Mary Poppins.” Up until the final performance on Tuesday, May 4, the cast of Mary Poppins had never had a practice or show with everyone there.

In case you aren’t familiar with Mary Poppins, here’s the rundown. Jane and Michael Banks, played by Faith Collins and Cooper Eberly, are children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family. George (Jacob Blanton) is a banker and his wife Winnifred (Sydney Smith) is a retired actress. The Banks family can never manage to keep a nanny or find one, but that all changes after their new nanny Mary Poppins (Annaka Haynes) arrives.

The children are pleasantly surprised with their magical new nanny and embark on many fantastic adventures with Mary and her good friend Bert (Kole Franken), a chimney sweep. It’s always a “Jolly Holiday” with Mary, and Jane and Michael try to pass on some of Mary’s bright attitude to their preoccupied parents.

“This has been a tough spring for a musical because everyone has several different things that they are involved in from sports to jobs,” said director Amy Lackey.

Although they were short on practice time, the DWHS drama club managed to pull off a well received musical.

“I am thankful for every opportunity that I have to work with the amazing students at Doniphan West. We will miss Kinlee [Whetstine] next year, but I am excited for her future plans and we all wish her well. I appreciate each and everyone one of you for your hard work and dedication to the productions,” said Lackey.

I guess you could say that this production ended up being supercalifragilisticexpialidocious after all.

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