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Troy FFA students Camden Benitz and Kortin Blevins.

The Troy High School FFA group has raised donations of items to donate to farms in southwest Kansas affected by the recent wildfires.

FFA sponsor David Pottroff said the group started fundraising approximately two weeks ago, when student Kortin Blevins came to school wanting to start a fundraiser for those who were affected by the wildfires in SW Kansas.

“Kortin was the main drive behind the whole service by first making fliers and then going around to local businesses and farmers, asking for donations,” Pottroff said. “It was decided that there would be a 2-week deadline to get as much material and monetary donations as possible to take down to those affected.”

Pottroff said that in those two weeks, Kortin was able to gain all of the donations which consisted of: 35 spools of barbedwire, 87 T-Posts, 100 lbs of fencing wire, 800 lbs of mineral lick tubs, 1000 lbs of sweet feed, 3 tubs of misc. electrical fencing materials, and monetary donations. The night before the trip to SW KS, Kortin Blevins, Amanda Wilhelm, Camden Benitz, Jon Huss, Deb Bryant and David Pottroff packed the trailer with the materials from all of those who graciously donated.

The morning of Saturday, April 1, Kortin Blevins, Camden Benitz and Pottroff headed on the 6.5 hour drive to Ashland, Kan. All of the donations were taken to the Ashland Feed & Seed Store, which is the main command center for all of the donations to SW KS.

Pottroff said that once they got closer to Ashland, they observed the devastation that was left by the massive wildfires.

“The ground is now just burnt, sandy soil and red dirt as far as the eye can see,” he said.

As they traveled to Ashland, they noticed there wasn’t much left of the original fencing and witnessed many farms that had been burnt up. However, the area has just recently received 3 inches of rain and the pasture has slowly begun to grow back.

Pottroff said this service wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Kortin Blevins, and the help of Camden Benitz.

The Troy FFA wanted to extend a “huge thanks” to those who donated to the cause: J & B Seed (Jon Huss), Bryan Farms, Beverly Meng, Joe and Sue Blevins, Tim and Peggy Franken, Kassiday Blevins, Katylin Blevins, Troy and Tiffany Hill, Warren and Sandy Grable, Jake Gaskell.

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