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The South Brown County School Board met last Monday evening, and the group acknowledged the quickly-changing landscape related to the Coronavirus.

The board approved a Special Meeting on the 23rd to discuss any further changes, like the one which came on Tuesday cancelling the remainder of the school year in the buildings. Superintendent Jason Cline noted that administration is being kept up to date on the situation by the state education department.

In other discussions, the board decided to hold off hiring hourly workers in maintenance and the kitchen until the uncertainty clears.

In other business:

The board was in consensus to institute drug testing for students in extra-curricular activities and all staff members, with Superintendent Cline set to bring more information on cost and policy at a later meeting.

There was a discussion about increasing Capital Outlay, but the board decided to wait for more information on the possibility of bonds.

The board also discussed the purchase of a new bus and whether to buy diesel or gas, and eventually decided to approve the purchase of a diesel bus from Kansas Truck Equipment for $85,705.

The group also approved a request for early graduation for Abigail and Alexander Allen. There was also talk of teacher numbers at HES, with enrollment dropping and funding decreasing.

The board discussed whether to hire to fill vacant positions going forward.

Superintendent Cline informed the board that the district has been working on a lunch program for children ages 1 through 18, which was scheduled to begin this Wednesday.

The board voted to accept the resignations of custodian Robert Hill, HHS boys basketball coach Josh Lutz, and Kindergarten teacher Kari Case, and to hire substitute teacher Kinsey Boller.

After a series of Executive Sessions, the Board voted to hire Ashley Doramus as a 1st grade teacher and Alyssa Hisle as a Kindergarten teacher, as well as to renew the contracts of Travis Torkelson, Larry Mills, Robyn Allen and Judy Dickman for the 2020-2021 school years.

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