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Caden Ballman, HHS Art Club President (center) accepts the donation from Chris Williams, General Manager of the Golden Eagle Casino. Also present left to right Carla Cavin, Emily Keo, E.J, Caden Ballman, Maliyah Soto, Tiana Cavin, Chris Williams, Harmony Garrison, and Margaret Krogmann, HHS Art Teacher. Back row left to right, Shelly McClaughlin, Samantha Middleton, Tabius Ballman, Drew Weddington, and Adam McClure, and Colby Smith.

USD 430 South Brown County’s Fine Arts Department and the Horton High School Art Club recently received charitable donations from the Golden Eagle Casino, two private donations, Kickapoo Housing Authority, and a grant from Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Charitable Contributions to help purchase a much needed piece of equipment; a new Monotype-Etching Press from for the art program.

The grant and donations benefits both current and future students participating in the District’s Visual Art Program at Everest Middle School and at Horton High School. These donations will help fund a much-needed upgrade for the Visual Arts Program through the purchase of a new Conrad Monotype-Etching Press. The new printing press will replace the antiquated technique of using rolling pins to transfer student etched images onto printmaking paper.

“The students are very excited about the new printing press and how it will help facilitate their understanding of printmaking techniques,” said Mrs. Krogman, the district art teacher.

Mrs. Krogmann also indicated that the monotype-etching press will expanded printmaking capabilities. The printmaking medium encourages “hands-on” learning and experimentation along with development of unique approaches. Students will be able to understand the many printmaking processes and this specific media in both traditional and contemporary formats. A printmaking program will provide students with a deeper understanding of the creative processes, their cultural heritage, art concepts and issues that can help support young contemporary student-artist in a global creative environment.

Art students in the USD 430 art program wanted to express their gratitude towards Golden Eagle Casino, Kickapoo Housing Authority, and Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation Charitable Contributions for their generous donations towards the purchase of the printing press. They also would also like to send a special thank you to Bruce McClure and most especially Connie Werner who made a special donation in name of her father, Jack Lott, who was also lithographer.

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