Founded in 1985, Extru-Tech of Sabetha has installed numerous extrusion systems worldwide to exceed client’s expectations. Today, Extru-Tech continues successful growth through a capabilities-driven approach and valued staff. Extru-Tech, Inc. employs 86 staff from the region and internationally.

According to R. Scott Krebs, executive vice-president and COO of Extru-Tech, Inc. “the company’s pioneering culture serves as a solid foundation for both its ground-breaking past and promising future.”

The company produces one of the industry’s most complete lines of extrusion processing systems, including the only Validated Extrusion Process in the market today. In addition, they offer an Advanced Feature line of extrusion solutions and a full line of customized equipment solutions for specialized processes. The company has installed countless extrusion solutions worldwide that are specific to the client’s manufacturing needs and include solutions for the production of pet food, human food, and aquatic feed.

Some of the equipment currently manufactured includes: Single screw Extruders, Dual and Triple Pass Dryer/Coolers, Vertical Coolers, Liquid and Powder Coating systems, Meat Inclusion Systems, PDU/Densification Equipment and related Ancillary Equipment.

Extru-Tech is grateful to be part of this strong community and in return is proud to sponsor this local publication. You can trust that Extru-Tech, Inc. will continue to provide extrusion solutions based on a reliable foundation. More information can be found on the company’s Website above.

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