Maple Grove Complex, located at 513 Iowa.

Maple Grove Complex is dedicated to making Senior Living the best it can be. We offer independent living for all seniors 62 years of age or older. We create an environment of clean and comfortable living with security being our utmost objective.

Safety rails and innovative fire alarms are examples of our commitment to safety. Our one bedroom apartments are completely remodeled with new oak kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There are walk in showers in all apartments. Refrigerators, electric ranges and garbage disposals are furnished. Mail delivery is inside the buildings which makes it safer than having to go outside to the mail.

These apartments are ideal for those on a fixed income as all utilities are provided, including gas, electricity, water and sewer, trash, as well as Bronze Cable TV. For convenience, laundries are located on each floor with free use of washers and dryers. We have water softeners and filtered water in both buildings.

We have created a family-like atmosphere in which gatherings, including potluck, bingo, games and entertainment and exercise groups are available to those who wish to participate. Multipurpose rooms have been remodeled with large screen TV’s and coffee bars. We have fitness machines available for those who wish to exercise and stay fit. A computer has been placed in each building giving access to any and all residents to use.

We are proud of our complex and we invite all to come and see why we feel this is the place to live out those golden years. It’s been considered “independent living at its best.”

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