Sarah Olson, LSCSW, announced this year a new branding and name change for what has been Horizon Mental Health, based in Hiawatha since 2017.

At the beginning of the year, Olson rebranded her practice as Horizon Therapy Associates LLC. She said this change reflects a desire to further differentiate from a community mental health center in Hutchinson as well as maintain the word “Horizon,” which has become familiar to clients and community partners over the past four years. A new sign with a brand new logo was erected in front of the office at 120 N. Sixth Street, reflecting this change.

Olson said she is pleased to announce the addition of a new therapist, Lacey Greenwood, LMSW, who will begin seeing patients this summer. She said Greenwood is a play therapist and brings a great deal of expertise in working with children on issues of anxiety, family disruption and school challenges. This expands Horizon’s ability to serve children ages 3-9.

Olson announced plans to open an office in Sabetha in order to accommodate the growing practice and to serve clients in Nemaha County closer to home. This office will be located in the Glacial Hills Business Development Center.

The four other therapists that include Olson; Laura Bartek, LSCSW; Sara Garrett, LSCSW and Courtney Freeman, LSCSW continue to serve clients in-person at 120 N. 6th in Hiawatha as well as via telehealth.

Olson said they serve not only Brown County, but Nemaha, Doniphan and Atchison counties.

Contact Olson or any of the other Horizon therapists at Horizon Therapy Associates LLC at or call 785-740-4647.

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