Coach David Losey

In year two at the helm of the Horton football team, Coach David Losey continues his quest to rebuild a strong program for the Chargers, and the first step will be breaking the team’s 29-game losing streak heading into the 2021 season. Despite losing a solid group of seniors to graduation, Losey has put together the first piece of the puzzle, growing the team to over 20 athletes a year ago, and up to 34 this season.

Senior Trey Lockwood has helmed the quarterback position when healthy in recent years, and will likely return to provide a steady hand under center, and will join fellow senior Drew Weddington as the leaders of the linebacking corps and defense. Jon Boller, Damian Fee and Ethan Miller also come back for their senior years, and Jack Allen, Darius LaCroix, Zach Boller, Keegan Monson, Chandler Newman and Kaden Smith are all underclassmen returning with experience that Losey thinks will take another step forward. Dominic Beecham, Remington Roberts, Evan and Aleck Whiteshield, Luke McAfee, Jackson Moman, Trent Lockwood, Dante Masqua and Dalton Nioce are all players that the coach has had his eye on this summer and expects to contribute come game time this fall.

Losey says the increased numbers, along with the familiarity of the team’s second year in one system will be a boon this season.

“We have tweaked things on both sides of the ball,” says Losey, “But just keeping the same terminology has put us ahead of where we were last season.” The second-year head man is also taking his team back to basics, focusing on grinding out yardage and protecting the ball on offense, and putting a spotlight on tackling on the other side. “We want to put ourselves in the best possible position to compete for 48 minutes every game.”

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