Horton Volleyball


Horton Volleyball: first (l-r), Kailea Smith, Ally Bottom, Darianne Monson, Maryanna Randall, Tatum Lockwood; second, Sierra Knutsen, Devyn Nanomantube, Delaine Molt, Tommi-Anne McAfee, Kaylin Royer, Jennifer Lowe, Zoe Wofford, Kelcie Lowe. 3rd row, L to R: Nyah Small, Tiana Cavin, Coach Tori Mace, Taryn Banks, Carley Hammersmith, Maddy Stirton, Kyndall Knutsen, Baylee Rickner, Nellie Vanderweide, Kloe Wofford, Coach Shelly Smith, Maddie Thomas.

Coach Shelly Smith

Experience is not something the Lady Chargers volleyball squad is short on, this season, as first year coach Shelly Smith has five returning seniors who have played a lot of varsity minutes, as well as a pair of juniors who will frequent the court for the team. Smith says turning that experience into winning will be the trick for her coaching staff.

Seniors Tatum Lockwood, Ally Bottom, Kailea Smith, Maryana and Darianne Monson each return for their final season in a Charger uniform, while Devyn Nanomantube and Tommi Anne McAfee are juniors who will play key varsity minutes as well. Smith will lean heavily on those upperclassmen, while cultivating the next wave of players in the junior varsity and freshman ranks.

Asked of the team’s biggest strength entering the year, Smith said plainly that the girls have “nothing to lose.” Coach Smith goes on to explain that after a few season of achieving less than they had hoped for, a new voice on the practice court and different set of ideas could be the reset these seniors need. “They are open-minded and giving me 100% at each practice, and developing into a solid team that depends on each player, not a single stand-out.”


9-3 @ McLouth 5 p.m.

9-10 @ Valley Falls 5 p.m.

9-10 @ Falls City 5 p.m.

9-14 @ Seneca 9 a.m.

9-14 @ Oskaloosa 8:30 a.m.

9-17 @ Horton 5 p.m.

9-21 @ Hiawatha 9 a.m.

9-24 @ Oskaloosa 5 p.m.

9-26 @ JCN 5 p.m.

9-30 @ Horton 5 p.m.

10-1 @ Horton 5 p.m.

10-8 @ JCN 5 p.m.

10-15 @ Horton 5 p.m.

10-26 TBA

11-1/2 TBA

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