Three new Doniphan West track records were set at the JCN track meet on Friday, May 7. The girls 4x100m relay of Allie Horner, Malaina Whetstine, Taygen Reno, and Avery Weathersbee came in with a time of 54.87; the girls 4x800m relay of Elle Williams, Claire Cole, Lena Leatherman, and Avery Weathersbee with a time of 10:44:46; and Chloe Clevenger’s time of 12:12.53 in the 3200m set the records.

The girls’ team placed 2nd overall and the boys’ team placed 3rd.

The girls results are as follows:

100m hurdles: Claire Cole 1st (16.67); 4x800m relay: 1st Claire Cole, Lena Leatherman, Emma Albers, Elle Williams (10:44.46); 100m: Taygen Reno & Allie Horner 3rd (tie); 200m: Taygen Reno 3rd, Avery Weathersbee 4th, Jaiden Taylor 5th; 400m: Elle Williams 3rd, Chloe Clevenger 4th; 800m: Elle Williams 1st (2:29.76); shot put: Malaina Whetstine 3rd; discus: Malaina Whetstine 2nd; high jump: Claire Cole 3rd, Allie Horner 5th; long jump: Taygen Reno 5th, Ava Gladhart 6th; triple jump: Jaiden Taylor 5th; 4x100m relay: 1st Malaina Whetstine, Allie Horner, Taygen Reno, Avery Weathersbee (54.87); pole vault: Ali Foster 5th; 1600m: Lilly Clark 3rd, Ali Foster 6th; 3200m: Chloe Clevenger 1st (12:12.53) & meet record, Aly Gobin 5th; 300m hurdles: Claire Cole 1st (49.90); 4x400m relay 2nd (Emma Albers, Jaiden Taylor, Avery Weathersbee, Elle Williams).

100m hurdles: Creighton Johnson 5th; 100m: Trent Spiker 2nd, Kole Franken 6th; 400m: Trent Spiker 1st (52.71), Creighton Johnson 4th; 4x100m relay: 2nd (Michael Lackey, Creighton Johnson, Kole Franken, Trent Spiker); 300m hurdles: Kole Franken 6th; 200m: Trent Spiker 1st (23.33), Creighton Johnson 6th; shot put: Cooper Clark 4th, Riley Schuneman 6th; discus: Riley Schuneman 2nd, Cooper Clark 5th.

The Mustangs are scheduled to compete in the TVL meet at Washington on Thursday, May 13, and the regional meet is to be on Thursday, May 20 at Burlington.

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