With Winter Homecoming right around the corner, Hiawatha High School students and staff are gearing up for a week of competition and fun, beginning on Monday, with Spirit Week and ending with the Winter Homecoming Dance on Friday — Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the week, HHS students will work to earn spirit points for their respective grades. Points can be earned through participation in Spirit Days, attendance at events during the week, and each grade’s performance in the Winter Olympics. The annual Spirit Week tradition at HHS begins with each day assigned a theme. Students and faculty take this opportunity and dress to impress in accordance with each day’s theme. This year’s themes are as follows: Monday: Tye Dye Day, Tuesday: Denim Day, Wednesday: Twin Day, Thursday: Big City vs Small Town Day, and Friday will be Red and Blue Day.

On Thursday, the Roundhouse will host the indoor Winter Olympics. These games give students from all grades a chance to compete with each other and earn even more points for their respective grades. This year, games include Tug o’ War, the Alligator Game (teams of one boy and one girl compete to grab the most objects on scooters), the Inchworm Game (one team member works to guide their partner, in a sleeping bag, through an obstacle course), and Musical Chairs.

The much-anticipated basketball games will commence on Friday, the 14th. Both boys and girls freshman, JV, and varsity basketball teams will duke it out on the court against the Royal Valley Panthers throughout the evening. The final game of the evening, the boys varsity, will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Hiawatha High School gym.

While the basketball teams are competing on the court, the Winter Homecoming Court will also be competing for the crown. This year’s court consists of senior boys Jace Grubb, Sage Meyer and Parker Winters and senior girls Madison Gilbert, Emme Leupold and Maggie Saul. Meyer and Winters make up two integral parts of the varsity boys basketball team and Grubb is a prominent member of the FBLA and the boys baseball team in spring.

“I look forward to Homecoming Week every year. It involves a lot of people and it’ll be a lot of fun,” commented Meyer.

Not to be outshone, the senior girls are all avid members of the student body and each hold an office in the HHS Student Council. In the fall, Saul and Leupold are well known faces on the volleyball court and Madison can be found running various cross country races.

Saul, a co-captain of the HHS Dance team as well, commented on how it felt to be nominated.

“When I got nominated, I was so excited!” she said. “Being a part of Homecoming is super special and I feel honored to be a part of it.”

As Winter Homecoming draws closer, the community is encouraged to come out and support their Hiawatha High School students in this seasonal showcase of competition and sportsmanship.

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