Hiawatha Middle School teams played at home in recent games.

On Jan. 9, the teams played Royal Valley. The seventh grade A team won 58-24 with scoring as follows: Boswell 23, Winder 8, Kettler and Wahwahsuck 7 each, Newell 4, Grathwohl 3, and Oldham 2.

The seventh grade B team lost 24-23, with scoring: Simpson 9, Sanderson 7, Monaghan and McGrew 3 each and Valencia 1.

“They played very hard and it was two great games,” said Coach Sherri Nelson.

Eighth grade A team lost 36-30 with scoring: Cooper Jacobsen and Kaden Morton 8 each, Riley Gibbs 4, Dylan cheek 3, Dalton Siebenmorgen, Ethan Henry and Felix McCartney 2 each and Maverick Shaffer 1.

“This game was night and day from our first game,” said Coach Matt Morton. “The boys came out and played like I know they can, scoring 15 points in the first quarter and getting out to an early lead. Royal Valley hung in there though and was able to chip away at our lead and made a few more plays at the end to secure the win against us.”

The B team lost a close game, 24-19 with scoring: Felix McCartney 6, Trent Enke 4, JJ McQueen 3, Dalton Siebenmorgen, Aden Geisendorf and Terrell Hale 2 each.

Hiawatha teams played at home on Tuesday against Atchison.

The seventh grade A team struggled against a tough Atchison team and lost confidence, losing 60-9, said Coach Nelson.

“We really never put our best foot forward,” she said.

Scoring included Kettler and Boswell 3 each, Wahwahsuck 2 and Newell 1.

The B team lost 39-18 with scoring: Simpson and Valencia 4 each, McGrew and Cappleman 3 each, Pyle and Hinton 2 each.

Eighth grade varsity lost 52-16 in a tough game.

“Atchison came out on fire and we got behind early,” Coach Morton said. “I feel like we started to press a little and got sped up. Turnovers really hurt us. When we were able to settle down and run our offense we did OK.”

Scoring points were Dylan Cheek 8, Kaden Morton 4, JJ McQueen 3 and Dalton Siebenmorgen 1.

The B team won 24-20 as the boys came out ready to play.

“They jumped to an early lead and with JJ McQueen and Felix McCartney scoring four points each in the first quarter,” Coach Morton said. “It was back and forth the rest of the game and we made just enough plays to hang on for the win.”

Scorers included JJ McQueen 6, Felix McCartney and Kaden Johnson 4 each, Trent Enke and Ian Wenger 3 each, Aden Geisendorf and Terrell Hale 2 each.

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