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The Hiawatha Middle School track squad traveled to Onaga on Saturday to take part in the Onaga Junior High Stampede.

Katelynn Shaffer, Victoria Jelks, Kenzie Nelson and Claire Twombly led the 7th grade girls with a win in the 4x200 releay, while Shaffer, Nelson, Jelks and Addison Williams took 2nd in the 4x100 and Mylia Ryguard, Kylee Shaefer, Quinn Boye and Kaeleigh Ruckman took 3rd in the 800 meter sprint medley. Jelks finished 6th in the 100, while Shaefer took 4th in the 200 and Boye finished 5th. Natalie McGrew took 2nd in the 400 and the 3200, Shae Dolisi came in 3rd in the 1500 and Shaffer took 4th in the 100 meter hurdles. Twombly finished 2nd in the jihg jump, while McGrew took 2nd in the long jump, followed by Twombly in 4th and Dolisi in 4th. Nelson took 5th in the shot put and 5th in the discus.

For the 7th grade boys, Karson Chandler won the 3200 in a time of 12:27.10, while taking 4th in the 400 and 2nd in the 1600, with Karson Henry just behind in 4th. Henry also look 4th in the 800 and 4th in the triple jump. Ethan Morton came in 4th in the 100 with Koen McMullen in 6th, while Michael Jenson took 3rd in high jump with Morton in 5th and Cade Soden took 4th in the discus. Jenson, Morton, Aaron Jenkins and Rhen Hageman took 3rd in the 4x100, with Liam McMullen, Keon McMullen, Josh Cappleman and Jenkins finishing 2nd in the 4x200 and Morton, Cappleman, Jensen and Henry grabbing 2nd in the 800 meter sprint relay.

Destry Groth led the 8th grade girls with a 1st place finish in the 400 with a time of 1:09.76, while Acacia Erdley took 3rd and Kerragan Bachman finished 5th. Erdley ran 5th in the 100, with Groth taking 3rd in the 200 and Alija Contreras grabbing 5th, while Shelby Senn took 4th in the 800 ahead of Kinsey Winters in 5th and Allera Roberts in 6th. Bachman took 5th in the 1600 and Winters finished 6th, while Contreras took 3rd in the 3200. In the 4x200, Senn, Winters, Lexys Ruch and Olivia Hawks took 3rd, while Roberts, Hawks, Senn and Winters ran 3rd in the 800 sprint medley. Groth took 2nd in the long jump, with Erdley in 4th in the discus.

For the 8th grade boys, Trystan McGrew took 1st in the triple jump with a distance of 32’ 7.25”, while taking 2nd in the 200 and 3rd in the 1600. Bradyn Newell finished 5th in the triple jump, with Gerald Wahwahsuck finishing 2nd in the shotp upt and Jose Valencia coming in 3rd in discus. Cameron Spatz came in 5th in the 800, with Deedz Hale taking 2nd in the 100 meter hurdles. Micah Oldham, Tyler Willich, Newell, Cameron Boswell and Newell took 2nd in the 4x100, with Oldham, Newell, Valencia and Hale took 2nd in the 4x200.

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