Nebraska vs. Wisconsin, 11.20

Nebraska's Adrian Martinez high fives Levi Voss (8), from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as he runs off the field before the game against Wisconsin on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium. Content Exchange

Welcome to the Hot Topic, a weekly look at the state of Nebraska football. Each week on the "Life in the Red" Podcast, Parker Gabriel, Steven M. Sipple and Chris Basnett will discuss an important topic heading into that week's game.

What does the future hold for Adrian Martinez?

Parker: A lot of uncertainty right from jump street right now. One of the things that, as you sort of process the information, it's just terrible timing for Adrian. You never want to have this level of injury, let alone to a throwing shoulder at quarterback, but man, it's really tough. And we'll see if there's any more information that comes out about the timeline. It makes a big difference if they think he can be fully healthy in two or three months, or if it's more of a six-month variety. Because, if it's six months, it doesn't matter if he's here in Lincoln going through spring ball with a new position coach and a new coordinator, or if he transfers somewhere else. If you're not healthy for spring ball, it's hard to see a clear route to him winning a starting job.

To me, sitting here right now, it seems to me that his best chance to win a starting job at the Power Five level is probably at Nebraska. All things considered, Scott (Frost) knows him, he knows Scott, they trust each other. They might feel like they need to move in a new direction; you cannot take the possibility that he leaves off the table at all.

But I just think if the question is, where is Adrian Martinez most likely to start next year and get real experience at the college level, I have a hard time thinking it's somewhere else besides Nebraska.

Chris: I'm with you Parker, I just think there's a lot of uncertainty. We just don't know. There's everything you've touched on, there's the NIL side of it, too. There might be a whole lot of money waiting out there for Adrian Martinez if he comes back to Nebraska, where, if for example if he decides to try out the NFL, there's no guarantee he'll make a penny playing pro football.

Does he want to stay at the Power Five level, does he maybe want to transfer back home and play for Fresno State, where he would put up ridiculous numbers, no doubt, if he was fully healthy?

I think it's all on the table right now. The future holds everything. It's just a terrible spot to have this happen, not that any time is good, but man. There's so many unknowns right now.

Steve: I got nothing really further to add except I don't expect Adrian to make an announcement before the game. It's not really his style. So I would expect something sometime after Friday.

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